Dennis Rodman, The original carefree fashion king.

Written by: Lusanda Luthuli 

The man two-metre tall man who made it cool to gender blend and somehow made it possible to be a rockstar and the high performing athlete, Dennis Rodman gave us real menswear hours. 

Not only did The Last Dance documentary remind us of the Chicago Bulls’ brilliance and the legacy Michael Jordan left, it also reminded us Gen Z kids just how cool the 90s were. That era gave us oversized suites and small framed shades, puffy sneakers, sounds familiar? Well, it’s safe to say that Rodzilla was in a completely different realm. 

His style was unusual in the ’90s. The septum piercings, the multicoloured hair, pearls, blouses and crop-top made him an outcast in sporting circles at the time. His off-field antics and unorthodox presence on the court matched his chaotic dress sense. He wore fur coats like a Jersey mob wife, leather pants, he would do a front-tie on his shirts like an e-girl and wear Ed Hardy and Von Dutch like an ambassador. He trailblazed the scene, probably without knowing it and The Last Dance Documentary has made him a fashion icon once again. 

Pre-game fits have become a great way for basketball players to show off their style and Dennis will always be regarded as one of the blueprints. Imagine showing up to an important sports fixture with slime-green hair? Dennis made that possible. As egregious as he may have looked to people in basketball world then, he was slowly building himself into a pop-cultural icon. 

Dating Madonna and Carmen Electra was cool enough, his unpredictability gave him that punk rock edge that could never be emulated. His unpredictability added to the appeal. You wouldn’t know whether he’d wear a cowboy hat or flare pants like an extra on Dazed and Confused. No matter what he wore on his Vegas benders and wrestling stints with Hulk Hogan or the colour of his hair and unbuttoned shirts on trophy parades, Rothman’s diverse and versatile style will always be in pop culture folklore.